Michael Briguglio, Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer, Arnold Cassola, Ralph Cassar, Angele Deguara u Andre Vella mill-ALTERNATTIVA DEMOKRATIKA jispjegaw għaliex se jivvotaw IVA fir-referendum dwar id-divorzju fit-28 ta’ Mejju.

Il-mużika użatha hija meħuda minn Ecoloclast tal-grupp Dripht. Grazzi lil Dripht tal-permess tagħhom.

Hawn hi d-diska kollha:


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  1. my song NEVER GO AWAY in window link below sadly speaks about marriage breakdown, an unfortunate reality however DIVORCE in MALTA referendum .. in my humble view is no more than a freedom of choice vote & NOT a moral one .. yr VOTE is yr democratic tool … NOW’s YR TIME ….. only u can change direction …


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